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[23 Oct 2005|07:46pm]
ITS BEEN FOREVER!! life has been good, great at times. i really need to start writing in here again. but heres how my weekend went...

friday night i worked lol josh was really stressed about the RM coming in the next day me and kelly stayed late with him, it was fun. work was fun for once lol

the next morning the took the ACT. blah what an experience. Me and adam went all the way to central high school, it was a hard test man they deff dont give you enough time to finish it all and my calculator malfunctioned. sucked...lol o well then me and michelle went shopping so she could find a dress. After the mall i spent some time with my baby daddy, which is always nice. After that i got all dolled up for the dance.

the dance was good until bryan made me upset so i didnt wanna be there anymore so me christian michelle jimmy and sarah went to ians house, that was going good, i hadnt seen ian in so long and kelly was being funny it was nice. Until my date got out of contol, dont wanna talk about the rest of the night after that...

today i went into work, it was an ok day. me and lindsey ate together me and josh kinda got in alittle tiff thats about it, and now im sitting around watching pretty woman

everything has been really great, well not last week. last week really sucked but other than that everything has been pretty good
work-has been amazing i love my job i love the people i love the managers i love it all.
friends- my friends have been great, i love them all, i have been having an amazing time chillin with them
school- good good, love my classes ive been doing good man except for english im doing bad in there but other than that good lol

there is this person in my life right now that is amazing. NEVER has anyone been able to make me smile so much. i love it, i love spending time with him. but i was sitting here thinking this person is not gonna be in my life much longer, hes gonna move. how am i gonna deal with it? i dunno if i can deal with it. not being able to talk to this person or see this person is gonna kill me.

i have to head on ill write later

first day of school [16 Aug 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well school was ok, school is school lol have alot of classes with people and alot of my classes are easy so it should be pretty cool. i just dont like waking up early lol

im sad summer is over i had such a great summer. just spending time with all my friends was great.

how are me and bryan doing? i dont wanna talk about it. hes changed, probley shouldnt even call him by the name of bryan anymore.

work situation sucks right now lol dont wanna stay at st matthews but last night at around 1 when me and josh were talking he said there is a chance he might be coming back to st matthews so i should wait a week or so. i guess i can last one more week. lol

well after school i came home and KRIS sent me a text asking all about school, i thought that was really nice. he asked if i wanted to go by jordans and maybe get something to eat. why not? so i just got back from that. had a great time. its just upseting seeing jordan leave, i love her!

now i think i might ride over to jodys with caitlin, i feel like im still stuck in summer lol then on my way home im riding by walgreens to pick up some magazines INSTEAD of school supplies.

ill write later!


[15 Jul 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i know i have not wrote in here in forever, but ill start updating. I just figured out how to put a picture in here, so i thought i would post a picture of me and bryan, hes great!
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my summer has been amazing! Just being with my friends and bryan has been awesome! I never want to go back to school.


[08 May 2005|11:40am]
i am soo lucky to have such a good boyfriend, friend, and cousin. they were there for me when i needed them, i love them!

[12 Apr 2005|09:15pm]
[ mood | good ]

what a boring day lol i could not sleep at all last night, i was wired so this morning was all bad! school went ok, nothing really important happened. i have a couple tests tomorrow that i prob should study for tonight. anyways

after school bryan stopped by for like 5 minutes then after he left i knocked out, i didnt wake up in time to call in for work and see if i was working.

i cant keep doing this to work, i havent called in about 10 times and called in sick about 6. even though i really dont wanna work till 11 2marrow i have to call in and see if im working, i need money and i dont wanna get fired from a job i love. what am i gonna do when i have a real job and call in sick every week lol i need to stop being so lazy

my mom woke me up saying we were going out to dinner with the family so i did that and stopped by the mall after work to get this makeup i needed.

its been an ok day, i kinda realized some stuff about some people today, kinda sucks but its happens

im about to run and buy some magazines (thats all i do durning class anymore lol) and gonna meet up with bryan for a bit! bye!


[12 Apr 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i love you but i hate how i have to be a certin someone to be accepted by you


[11 Apr 2005|11:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

jksjhfkjshf bryan is so awesome! im really happy, after 2 months im still happy and im sure that wont be changing anytime soon! usually after a month with a guy something ends up happening and it doesnt work out but me and bryan are working out REALLY well. i just have so much fun hanging out with him!

dont agree with it? deal with it! im happy, that is what should matter right?

anyways im mad cause i wanted ms california to win instead of ms north carolina! lol im prob the only one that was watching that lol

im so bored and i cant sleep, and i have nothing to do. this sucks lol


[11 Apr 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

spring break was nice, hung out and chilled. it was fun hearing everyones spring break stories today!

today i did not want to go back to school lol it was ok, i didnt really do anything at school. after school i got some food with chrissy, heather, and justin. after we ate me and justin went up to the mall so he could go shopping for some shoes. lol it was funny cause we got into hollister and he was scheduled to work lol I GOT A RAISE im so happy, the littlest amount can make a difference u kno? then on the way home me and him jammed to some nsync lol

when i got home i was going to go to bryans game but people like to back out lol

so i fell asleep and now im watching ms usa with my mom! lol

i dont feel good and i dont wanna go to school, but i have to so it sucks lol


[28 Mar 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

everyday i tell myself i am going to write in here and i forget lol

the weekend was good, i called in sick friday and went to vaudeville with bryan. i heard it was going to be bad but it was actually pretty good. after that i went to go suprise justin and dan at their house. i was expecting a few people there cause they were having a party but holy shit there was more than a few people, it was alot of fun! i like hanging out with them. then at around 1230 my mom wanted me to come to this party she was at cause there was some people i knew there. that sucked, everyone there was drunk and i had to sit there with 2 drunk as hell guys till like 230 in the morning i went crazy lol but it was a good night

saturday i worked, got in trouble for not doing anything. then after work i got my nails done then went to my aunts for the UL game (wow awesome game!!!) then i went shopping and came home and spent time with my daddy on his birthday! lol

on sunday me and my mom went to church for easter and had breakfast and stuff. bryan came with me over to my aunts house then we went back to his. lol i hadnt laughed so hard in a long time, bryan was cracking me up lmao i came home stayed up too late and couldnt wake up this morning lol

school was awful i just want it to be over!!! lol i was so tired after school and fell asleep i never woke up in time to call in for work and see if i was working, and they had called a bunch of times! i hope i dont get in trouble for not calling in, i feel like im going to get fired. last week i didnt absolutly nothing. i stand around and talk and leave the room looking like shit, im not going to be able to think tomorrow cause im scared im gonna get fired lol

this is the last week of the grading period and i need to make sure i get everything in that i need to which im going to go do now!


[22 Mar 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | okay ]

bad day, i woke up this morning and felt awful. my dad said i could stay home but i said i would go but ended up changing my mind. then i couldnt fall back asleep sucks when u stay home and cant fall back to sleep lol but i ended up going back to sleep and slept the day away.

i had always wanted to chill in the hot tub while it was raining real hard, so i did it today it was neat lol

met up with bryan when he got off work, had fun like always!!!

i work 2marrow, blah i want to just chill at home but looks like i cant lol i regret telling bond i would work for him lol

why make promises when you cant keep them?!

chrissy always talks about this restaurant called August Moon and for some reason (even though ive never ate there) ive craved it all freakin day, so yeah chrissy you need to come with me ASAP

i guess im going to get some sleep


[21 Mar 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

everything has been crap lately, i hate it!

school is awful, i hate school more than anything. i wanna be done with it

and things havent been going too well with everyone else. it started off last week with me and bryan got in a little argument. then me and cameron were supposed to hang out but noo of course not, instead shit had to be said. then chrissy was gone visiting tyler. then certain people think they are hot stuff and can call people drama queens when they are the ones spreading shit and talking about people, yeah that doesnt make sense! and ive been bitched at for everything by my mom skjhrfskjreh lol

i dunno it just seems like everything has been going wrong instead of right

justin kinda made me feel better tonight he said some of the nicest things i wanted to cry.

the weekend got better though, me and bryan hung out saturday it was fun plus work this weekend was nice, sadly i wanted to go to work to get away from everything else lol they asked me to be the greeter person again but i have school the day i would have to do it, damn school lol

CHRISSY AND TYLER ARE SOO CUTE AWWW i want to marry them lmao

by hearing about chrissy and tyler it made me think how important it is to be comfortable and be able to talk to your boyfriends family. wow i want that for real

i dunno about this weekend i work wednesday thursday friday and saturday, but im prob should hit up vaudville lol i dunno..

wow i dont wanna go to school 2marrow lol but i gotta get to bed NIGHT


i wont make you [07 Mar 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | sore ]

school SUCKED today!!! i cant stand school lol after school i took a nap then went to work.

it was the most pointless day of work ever lmao i did nothing, it was fun though. got a pair of jeans, a skirt, and 2 shirts! and had some niiice talks lol the manager that closed tonight is so hot! some girl asked me to work for her 2marrow so i think im gonna go in 2marrow, sleeping sounds better though lol abercrombie and fitch is borrowing me next week so that will be interesting hmm lol

ashlee simpson concert is thursday!! its gonna be fuuun lol we thought we werent gonna be able to go but we are im sooo excited

it was NOT a good day for me and the oppisite sex today, i had some bad luck...too much lol

but im gonna go make some food.


touch me tease me kiss me please me [05 Mar 2005|03:40am]
[ mood | cranky ]

i DONT want to talk about relationships, love, me and you, you and me, fights, working out, kissing, sex, being together, not being together! i just wanna hang out and have fun for alittle bit.

thinking about it is getting me NO WHERE, so maybe if i dont think about it and just have fun everything will come together.

and nick lachey is beautiful! i mean BEAUTIFUL!!!! ah


let me be the one to give you everything you want and need [04 Mar 2005|01:11pm]
[ mood | full ]

it feels AWESOME outside, i just want to go hang around outside so bad. i have to work though. i am sooo tempted to call in but i have done it too many times. so hopefully it is nice 2marrow since im off. lately i have wanted to go to the waterfront and hang out, but it really hasnt been nice.

i watched the notebook last night and i want it to be summer so bad. there is nothing to do in winter its BORING lol the notebook makes summer look so good lol

today me and chrissy ate at fuji, we couldnt even move we were so full lol

well im going to sit in the hot tub, i have lots to think about and i need to enjoy outside!


[23 Feb 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

well i think im getting better, i went back to school today and i realized i never wanna go back lol so far i have a C, D, and U i dont wanna even see the rest of my grades! i need to step it up ALOT lol but other than the fact i suck at school, my head was about to explode, and i could barely swallow it was GOOD lol

after school i came home to my dad making me some spagetti(my favorite!! lol) then i decided to go shopping for some shoes, i got some gold sequin flats lol mommy hated them and my dad laughed and bryan said the look like something from a play lmao but chrissy likes them she got some off ebay they day before lol ANYWAYS i met up with bryan and he came shopping with me again so i could find a shirt for the ashlee simpson concert! i couldnt find anything!!!!! i went to every store possible im so pissed i even went to bardstown road and didnt see anything. plus bryan wasnt helping cause he would just stand there, i need a gay shopping buddy haha. then we played in the snow for awhile lol good times then went home.

am i just supposed to sit here and wait for u to talk to me again? im tired of waiting.

im jealous of chrissy and tyler cause they are in love haha but i love them <3 lol

i was thinking, why cant things always work out? why do people have to get hurt? it would save a lotta pain if things would just work. i just wish i could go into ONE thing knowing it will work out or be ok, i wish other people could to. i guess you learn from things that dont work out but it sucks, how much do you possibly have to learn for something to work out? i mean not just relationships(thats a big one though) but like jobs, if i would of known my jobs werent gonna work out i wouldnt of had eight already lol if i would just know what job will work i wouldnt of had to fill out 9340583098457 applications so far lol and most importantly why cant u know its going to work out with someone u care about, i hate watching two people that care about each other not work out, or hear about it (which im hearing about now from someone and im tearing up because i wish it would work for them) that is why i believe in signs (except i take everything as a sign right chrissy lol, the sky is blue ITS A SIGN!!!) lol

tomorrow im getting off my ass and going to work out, YEAH!

time for bed, good night!


CRASH INTO ME REAL HARD!!! [21 Feb 2005|10:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i did absolutly nothing today lol

this morning i couldnt even get out of bed, i felt horrible. i slept till 3 without waking up at all. then i went to the doctor and found out i had tonsilatis (no idea how to spell it) so i got some medicine then headed home and went to sleep again lol im freakin tired as hell. i hope i feel ok in the morning i shouldnt miss school again!

then i watched last weeks episode of the oc, i can barely wait for the next one its gonna be goooooooooood!!! they said everything u have been waiting for this season will happen or something like that! man i hope my baby seth gets back with summer lol then i just got online and now im here eating my favorite, strawberry milkshake from steak and shake! they are the best ever!

sam has an interview at hollister 2marrow!! cross your fingers!!!

sometimes people need to get off each others nuts!!!!! how the hell could they be so fucking stupid! how they hell can u complain about not having friends and its yours fault. how the hell could they of watched people with their same problem break up and still do it. skrtjhskjerthkjlserhtjkrhlt

o ya bryan is the coolest person ever (look bryan ur in here now)!

well im going to go sleep some more...


[20 Feb 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

wow it has been a long time since i wrote!

Thursday was our dance. It was awesome man, i had a really good time! after the dance, we all went back to chrissys and hung out. fun times

Friday i chilled around the house till work. The president of hollister was supposed to come in, so we all had to wear all white. we had like 5 people in each room working. he didnt come, of course lol. i was supposed to work till 11 but my manager was in the best mood so he let us all go at like nine. I met up with bryan and we drove around and talked.

Saturday morning i worked then i went to eat with sam and chrissy then watched the notebook. that is for real the BEST movie. wow its so cute, it makes you wanna fall in love REALLY bad lol

Today i worked again lol it was an awesome day at work i felt so bad for adrien tonight though that girl is so awesome, now im home and im really sick. thanks for bryan breathing on me friday lol when i look at my throat there is white blister looking things on it which i think can be strep sometimes. so im kinda laying around, i have a little of a fever but im gonna try and go to school tomorrow i have to turn sooo much in!

im loving work right now. i dont care what other people think of it, i love it! i enjoy the people and music so much. im glad i work there.

im loving alot right now. im meeting new people which i love, and im enjoying something else i cant say yet. i also accepted i dont care what people think much anymore. there is this person that constantly tries to bring me down, tell me what people think about me and what i am doing wrong and i dont care because i like myself. i mean i like how i am i dont wanna change it cause someone doesnt like something about me. Even the most liked people have people that dont like them.

seriously if everything i do annoys you so much and you have to say stuff about everything i do, dont ask me to hang out! i wanna hang out with you cause your an awesome person but im sick and tired of being put down when i honestly think you are a GREAT person. so i mean this is me accept it or dont lol

im watching banger sisters, i love this movie!

me and cameron broke up, we both kinda screwed up. yeah i contributed alot to the problem why we broke up. i was kinda down about it. i thought maybe we would talk again but we havent so i guess it wont happen.

After watching the notebook it really made me think about love. although its a movie is shows love so well. i dont care how much pain, fighting, and tears. love is about just having that one person that can make u sooo happy and be there for you all the time that you care about so much. Tyler and chrissy are my example (dont get mad at me for talking about yalls relationship i just know you guys have true love and its a good example) like even though they have both hurt and fought before, they still make each other so happy and are there for each other. i want that!!!

i love gwen stefani now! her song off her new cd called crash, is the freakin best song ever!!! krwejsekjhskjrthj i have to go get her cd asap lol

wow i need to clean my room so bad lol

im out of here i need to get some sleep i feel awful!


tell me again, that will be lovers and friends [29 Jan 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

HELLO! i never know how to start this thing out lol

this week was a long ass week it sucked. alot of shit happened this week which made it suck even more. lets see...monday i did nothing, tuesday i worked, wednesday i didnt go to school and me and chrissy went shopping, thursday me and chrissy got our nails done and tanned and went out to eat (saw christian and he came along) then watched the awesome oc. that was my boring week lol

last night i went to the BAMF show. it was awesome. honestly i didnt think it would be good and i was like "i guess ill go" but it was really good im glad i went. then afterwards i hung out.

i have a new obsession, strawberry milkshakes! i used to HATE them now ive had one 3 days in a row they are sooo good!!!

i have also been watching ryan and ashlee simpson and i want a relationship like theirs, just chill, laugh, have fun relationship!!

and how are me and cameron doing? i wish i knew lol and hes prob thinking the same thing cause we are both the exact same and like to be stubborn so who knows

today i woke up got all ready to go to work, didnt have to come in. but i might tonight which sucks but i can never predict what hollister will tell me. so i layed in my fucking bed for 2 and half hours and just sat there i need to go do something but i have nothing to do! ive had so many things on my mind i just wanna sit there and think but that wont help with anything u kno! i thought about stopping by and seeing the people i havent hung out with in a long time and i was like wait i could NEVER get the nerve to call them and be like can i come see u? and its snowing and im scared to drive lol

you know what is sad? when your boyfriend has to ask people to hang out with you so he wont have to.

and tomorrow im working at tan haus in the morning then going back in the evening for a meeting with everyone. no one knows why we are having a meeting but it sucks cause we will prob get our new uniforms. guess what they are gonna be? short jean shorts or short jean skirt with either a tight belly shirt or tight wifebeater. gross i should just work at hooters ill prob be showing less of my body there lol i have had to long of a break not working at hollister tho im not gonna wanna go back if i keep not working cause then i get used to laying around lol

ok i really need to find something to do


one more kiss could be the best thing, one more lie could be the worst [22 Jan 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | good ]

hello again

thursday- lazy day for me. got my teeth cleaned so i didnt go into school till like 5th period. physics was fun for once lol came home fell asleep. woke up watched the oc (which was an awesome episode i might add, cant wait till next yay) then went back to bed. some times those boring ass days are needed lol

yesterday- couldnt wake up after talking to chrissy till late that night (we had some fun convos didnt we chrissy...fuck u were depressing me lol) after school i got some bw3s yuum i called and ordered it and the guy was making fun of my voice i didnt even know this person lol then i headed to work. i was in the WORST mood at first i wanted to go home so bad, i felt like everyone was leaving me out there and they were annoyed of me or something. chrissy came by and saw me after her interview, so i was like finally someone that is being nice. then it got better alot better. wasnt a bad day at work at all. it started when justins friend came by and i was talking to justin and them then my co workers started talking to me so i got happy lol me and my manager matt talked for a while, hes an awesome manager. then i met a professional wrestler, matt and justin told me to go ask for a hug so i did, its not everyday u get a hug from a professional wrestler. then after work i saw cameron for a short time, it was fun.

it is annoying that text messages dont always send and recieve. phone companies need to make sure text messages work!!!!! lol

today i totally forgot i had to work. i had made plans to lay around all day and then it came to me i had to work at the tanning bed today. so i got ready and ran some places before work. i got there and erin and kellie were there so was erins friend and kellies boyfriend. i thought i worked at one and i really worked at 2 so i just sat around and talked to them for an hour cause im a loser and had nothing else to do lol i was telling them how i cant go tan there anymore because i get so burnt in the bed i got in even when i go in for half the time. erin said she has had a few people say they got sun poisining from that bed. i knew that tanning bed had some sucky ass beds lol i cant decide if i deff want to quit or not hmm...anyways now im about to run some places with my dad then head to chellys to hang with her and chrissy! yay!! o ya and its snowing! nasty snow though not pretty snow.

tomorrow i need to catch up on some homework im falling more and more behind lol

well i got get out of here and get my ass moving..bye!


[19 Jan 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

hello! i was going to write yesterday but i was way to tired after work so ill write now lol

yesterday i went to gay ass school, it was awful. i had to make myself finish out the day. the good part? i passed physics yeeah! then after school me and chrissy went to dooleys then i went to work. AWFUL day at work. girls and drama and they bring it into work. "she was at a party with my ex i wanna beat her up" then the other girl didnt even know. i swear if i have to worry about speaking to one of my coworkers and it being someones ex and they get pissed i need to quit lol it was such a bad day man, cameron was being nice and told me to call if i wanted to talk. i just love it when people just are willing to help, its the nicest thing u can do.

there was also drama with a certin someone. PLEASE the truth is always better than a lie. all im asking for is the truth instead im getting lied to.

then today, school sucked more. i hate school so much i want to leave early everyday lol but then after school was good i went to california pizza kitchen with chelly and chrissy. that is the best restaurant man lol then i called into work and i didnt have to go in YAY or 2marrow YAY lol we all went shopping, spent from like 5 to 9 at the mall. got a pair of pants and 2 shirts. i realized i dont get a discount on sale items and im so mad. when i went into hollister i got to see bond and adrien, they are both really cool. then me chrissy and chelly just sat and talked it was nice. bad thing? i was waiting for a phone call and never got it...

i do not know what to do about something, i hate this.

im so happy im off 2marrow and i get out of school for a class to get my teeth cleaned. my teeth feel so nasty and its bugging me. i almost got in a wreck checking for cavities while i was driving haha chrissy. lol

something is wrong with my car. today it was shaking really bad and i thought it was cause i was on empty so i got gas and it still was doing it. i heard a ticking sound so i was freaking out. i raced home running red lights cause i thought my car was going to blow up lol it stopped shaking when i got home so i couldnt show my dad but he said he would drive it for awhile 2marrow and see if it does it again. i thought i was gonna have a heart attack when i was in the car lol

the oc is on 2marrow thank god. this will bring joy to me haha

well i have to go do that paper that is now 2 weeks late...bye


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